Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And The First Entry Goes To...

Ah, my first entry and it's a day late. I blame Valentine's Day entirely, as I was busy baking a cake and preparing dinner, and as such I regret nothing.
Anyways, on to the article. When I woke up today I had absolutely no idea which artist or musical group I felt like writing about, so I let the mighty shuffle function on my iTunes decide for me, and it has chosen Daedelus. Daedelus is an experimental electronic artist whom I discovered a few years ago due to a lovely friend of mine that I may mention a few more times in this blog, as she introduced me to quite a few rather fantastic artists. Now Daedalus' sound is kind of hard to describe unless you've listened to him, so here's a goddamn 40-minute chunk from one of his live shows for your viewing pleasure:

Hear that? Yeah, that's some fraking Daedalus bringing immense musical pleasure to your earholes, you're welcome. So Daedalus  is, as I said, an experimental electronic artist, and he also does some stuff I guess you could call trip-hop, but that's not why I enjoy him. The reason I enjoy Deadalus is that he incorporates the sounds of orchestral instruments into a lot of his music, as well as using clips and bits of old songs from the late 40s and early 50s, which I find to be a very unique and enjoyable experience. You see, I  love classical music and old jazz from the 50s, and to hear those sounds mixed with some brilliant electronic and experimental compositions makes me fucking ecstatic.

(His totally awesome suits and sweet-ass mutton chops may or may not also factor into my enjoyment.)

Anyways, I'm really damn hungry now, so I'mma go eat some pizza and read a good book, I hope anybody who reads this has a wonderful day. Never stop listening to good music.


  1. Aforementioned dinner and cake were fantastic, as is Daedelus.
    Also, I'm still mentally laughing over the fact that you made a blog.
    You probably thought this comment was someone important or something.

  2. nice blog and good day to you sir lol followed